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16 May 19:30 BJT [UTC +8] // 20:30 JST [UTC +9] ~18:00 next day

BUTOH Sunakku—World Edition

Chinese Talk: About Takao Kawaguchi’s Minotaur Disco

photo by Rokka Ando

photo by Rokka Ando

photo by Rokka Ando

Live talks from our “BUTOH Sunakku” in Ueno/Ikenohata.

Join Zhang Zixuan (Assistant Manager of Aura gallery) and Zhang Ying (freelance interpreter / TRU Chinese translator), both speakers from Shanghai now based in Japan, who gather to share their thoughts on Butoh and discuss their impressions of Takao Kawaguchi's Minotaur Disco.
The chat will be open during this live event, so join in the discussion! The talk will be in Chinese, but feel free to join the chat in English or Japanese as well.

Minotaur Disco

A new piece choreographed and directed by artistic director Takao Kawaguchi, performed by Butoh dancer Daisuke Yoshimoto and contemporary dancer Naoyuki Sakai. Divided by several generations, the two performers form a new dance as monsters of the labyrinth. Reminiscent of the 1960s underground film scene, filmmaker Akihiro Suzuki invites us into a world that is more than just the recording of a stage performance.

BUTOH SUNAKKU(世界篇)是一档外语访谈节目。邀请对日本文化有着深入了解的外国友人,在充满日本风情的东京上野池之端的藤井和服店,介绍他们观看的Tokyo Real Underground的展览和演出,与大家分享舞踏的魅力。


Minotaur Disco(弥诺陶洛斯 迪斯科)


Guest Speakers

张颖|Zhang Ying

上外日本文学硕士。1998年开始中日同传,2003年赴日。现从事口译笔译、双语主持、采访撰稿、讲师、拍摄、项目协调、PR等工作。译作《一幅画看日本》(高畑勋 著)、《依存与自立》(黑川雅之 著)等。从小与舞蹈结缘,学习古典芭蕾和民族舞蹈约10年,东亚文化之都2014横滨《青少年芭蕾周》项目协调,大野庆人先生舞踏坊口译以及表演拍摄,“TOKYO REAL UNDERGROUND”官网翻译等。
微博 @Ying的絶対視感 

Born in Shanghai, China. Graduated with a masters in Japanese literature from Shanghai International Studies University. Began working as a simultaneous interpreter between Chinese and Japanese in 1998, and moved to Japan in 2003. She currently works in a number of roles as a freelance interpreter, translator, language instructor, bilingual moderator, coordinator, writer, photographer and in public relations. Translated the books Ichimai No E Kara [From a Single Picture] by Isao Takahata and Izon to Jiritsu [Dependence and Independence] by Masayuki Kurokawa. When she was younger, she studied ballet and Chinese folk dance for 10 years, and continues her relationship with dance through occasional work such as coordinating the East Asia Youth Ballet Week Yokohama in 2014, interpreting and taking photographs of Yoshito Ohno’s Butoh workshops, and working as the official Chinese translator for TOKYO REAL UNDERGROUND.

张子萱|Zhang Zixuan

上海人,2021年毕业于乔治华盛顿大学艺术史和日语语言文学专业。2019年来到东京,目前在亦安画廊(aura gallery)担任主管助理,同时自主研究日本当代艺术和陶艺。

Born in Shanghai, China. Majored in art history and Japanese, and graduated from George Washington University in 2021. Moved to Japan in 2019, and currently works as Assistant Manager at Aura Gallery, and studies Japanese contemporary art and ceramics.

15 May 19:30 [UTC +9]~15 August
Takao KawaguchiMinotaur Disco