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Takao Kawaguchi Selection: Un Certain Regard

Tomomi TanabeOWAN


photo by Tatsuhiko Nakagawa


photo by Tatsuhiko Nakagawa


photo by Tatsuhiko Nakagawa

Butoh dancer Tomomi Tanabe, whose dance appears to permeate the surroundings, moves in this piece to fill the frame of the camera. The key to her work an owan [bowl]. This work aims to completely dismantle and reconstruct “Butoh” through Tanabe’s unique use of body movement and control. The space is invaded by film director and actor Koichi Imaizumi, creating a visually experimental, thrilling and humorous world.

Directors Notes

In January 2020, OWAN was performed as part of a program called Karada no Chikaku. The venue, Atelier Dai Q Geijutsu, was originally the studio in which the Japanese painter Tatsuo Takayama worked. I was drawn to the owan [bowl] held by a child in one of his paintings, Eating and wanted to approach this, the act of “eating”, an activity of life. A container for food.

At the beginning of that year I read Sayoko Yamaguchi’s words, “should I lose myself to come closer to the essence of things”, and they strangely left an impression on me.

As I slowly walk with an owan in hand, the glitter of saliva as it drips from a corner of the mouth of an infant anticipating food comes to my mind.

Receiving the dripping saliva, it becomes an owan.

Tomomi Tanabe

Takao Kawaguchi Selection: Un Certain Regard

Butoh, which began in Japan in the 1960s, has influenced many artists across borders and genres. For this series, performer Takao Kawaguchi—known for his bold foray into the world of Butoh with About Kazuo Ohno—has commissioned artists who have been inspired by the experimental spirit of this dance form. A program of rich performances that transcend the boundaries of dance/theatre/music/film and art, this series aims to explore what “Butoh” is and what it may become.
This program is filmed at the Former Hakubutsukan Dobutsuen Station, a historic underground station built in the 1930s by Keisei Electric Railway that was designated an “architectural structure of historic value” by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
In cooperation with Keisei Electric Railway



Tomomi Tanabe

Butoh dancer, born in Tokyo. Started dancing while at university, and joined Tatsumi Hijikata’s practice. Studied under Kunishi Kamiryo and Masahide Omori, and performed in works by Dance Hakushu and Masaki Iwana. Began her solo series Goldfish Bowl in 1997. Appeared in The Sick Dancer, a performance based on Tatsumi Hijikata’s text Yameru Maihime in 2012. She has been collaborating on Karada no Chikaku since 2016.

A BUTOH Sunakku—Aftershow talk will be streamed live
directly after the performance on the first day.

Tomomi Tanabe x Takao Kawaguchi


Composition / Direction / Performance

Tomomi Tanabe


Koichi Imaizumi


Noriko Kitamura


Takao Kawaguchi

Stage Manager

Takashi Kawachi

Set Design

Roshi (Sunagumi)

Lighting Design

Noriyuki Mori


Shouko Mishima

Ayana Mikami

Film production


Post Production

Ryo Sakemoto


Tatsuhiko Nakawagawa

Tzvasa Wada